Gmail has witnessed a sophisticated identity that is uniquely designed to haunt Gmail users. The viruses control the entire account of users affecting their history and contacts. The worms come in the form of emails where users do not need to open the emails, but the worms and viruses automatically spread to the user’s PC.

Gmail filter viruses turn into spammers and quickly multiply into hundreds as they automatically send to every contact in your account. The viruses get into your inbox from a trusted contact giving you the confidence to open the email. Users fall prey when they open Google GDocs attachments, and the fake application begins its work of corrupting your PC.

To worsen the situation, the worms and viruses have the capacity to send itself to other people through your mail causing the reproduction. The phishing email is quite a common phenomenon to Google users. As a result, users tend to consider on a guide to deleting their Gmail owing to frustrations from the virus.

The virus takes a common strategy of reproduction but causes havoc to millions of Gmail users owing to its sophisticated design and genuine way of getting into your systems. The virus looks quite trustworthy and realistic making the phishing worms and viruses more lethal as users hardly suspect emails from their contacts.

Phishing viruses and worms manipulate Google’s login systems but slightly compromise on the user’s personal information. However, Google moved with speed to correct the mess and pushed updates to all clients and disabled the malicious accounts. Besides, the phishing worms only 1 million users got affected with the minimal loss of personal information and damages.

If Google did not move with speed, users would have lost control of their accounts as the hackers harvest more personal information and data from the accounts. In case you have any issues or suspicion that your email can be hacked take a look on guide to delete Gmail account before it is too late. Besides, the hackers could reset passwords from other devices with the hackers taking over Facebook or bank accounts.