Nowadays, in the time when the internet privacy is on a brink of the end of its existence. There are not many things that we can do to protect ourselves from the downfall of the internet privacy. Many people don`t even know what they can do to protect their privacy online. Even if there is anything that they can do protect themselves. This is a really scary thing to think about. That only place where you can be private and say what you think can disappear in a blink of an eye.  But there is something that we can do, there is something that will help us stay anonymous. There are people and companies that are fighting the fight for the internet. To left the internet in the state in which is now. To stay anonymous. And service that offers us the most in that department is VPN services. These services are the best way to stay anonymous all the time on the internet without any fear that someone could find out your IP address and what are you searching for online. But now comes the question. How to choose the perfect VPN service for you? What kind of VPN service is most secure. And how easy is to install them and use them? We will give you answer on all of those questions in this article. So let`s start.

1.Server location

Location of the server is very important when you are choosing the VPN service. Best VPN service that you can use is the one that offers its service globally. This is very, very important. If you, for example, use VPN service that only works in some parts of the world. There is a high chance that your VPN won`t work on all the pages in the whole world. And this could really cause you a big problem. Firstly, you probably would not even realize that you don`t have your VPN service anymore on a specific website. Then you would be open to the attack of the hackers and government agents that would finally be able to see what kind of sites you are visiting. Your IP address would be unprotected. That is why global VPNs are the best. They will protect you no matter what website do you visit and wherever is the location of that website. You would be always protected.

2.Don`t allow logging

When you are looking for the best VPN service for yourself, you should be sure that they don`t save your log data. Sure, they protect you from the potential security breaches. But if they log all of the data of your internet traffic, well…that could cause a big problem. The reason is because they would be able to sell that information to pretty much anyone that they want. Or they would be pushed from the government to give them access to that data. So you need to be sure that your future VPN service won`t keep your log data which could compromise your internet privacy.

3.Pricing of the service

VPN service can be really expensive, some even too expensive considering what they are offering to you. One thing that you should definitely consider is to use VPN service that allows you to pay subscription through many different paying methods. Like Paypal, Bitcoin, Credit cards and etc. This will allow you to have many options when choosing to pay the subscription. While free VPN service providers could compensate that with a lot of advertisements. You should be aware that VPN services that ask you to pay subscription usually are much better than those who are free. They invest more in their structure and software. While free VPN services depend on revenue that they get from advertisements that they are having on their website.

4.Speed of the service

Speed is one of the most important things when you are choosing the VPN service. It is already well known that while you are using the VPN service that your internet speed will slow down. This is a common problem with lower quality VPN services which can slow down your internet speed dramatically. But, if you are using good and efficient VPN service provider, they can maintain your internet speed in suitable speeds that won`t slow your internet speed dramatically.

5.Support that VPN service offers you

When you are using service that is like VPN,  you should always choose the service that has the best customer support. Many of VPN services use emails as the way to communicate with their customers. This is definitely the slowest and worst way to speak with your customers and to resolve the potential problem. Telefon support is definitely a step up from the email support. But it still lacks some features that could make you problem go away faster. Best support that you can get is a live chat support. They can find the problem in the instant and fix it, especially if they use Teamviewer which allows them to enter your PC remotely through the internet. That way they can clearly see what might be the problem with your PC and what they can do to fix it. VPN services that offer live 24/7 support are definitely your best bet.

6.Ease of installing the software

No one likes to install software that is so complex that you practically don`t even know what are you doing. That is why you should choose VPN service that offers easy to use software which you will install without any major problem. Most Open VPNs are not user-friendly, and you should be aware of that. Because of that, you should choose VPN service that has developed their own software which is made to be very user-friendly and to make every step of installing a piece of cake.

  1. And most important for last. Security of the VPN

This is the reason why you are looking for the VPN. And that is security. Every VPN service can offer all kinds od flashy offers, some amazing features, great discounts. But if their security service is just bad, what all of that other service is worth? They are worth nothing.  Security is the almost the only point that every VPN service should focus on. Everything else should be only a bonus. Something that will help you a little bit to use this service. But the security is something that has no price, privacy is also something that has no price. People really need to realize that. Because without the privacy we will lose the last part of yourself. Last part that is still anonymous. That is why we need to fight against the privacy. That is why VPNs should do their best to protect their every customer. To provide them the best service that they can. Because without that internet privacy will disappear. And because of that, we will live in the global tyranny where every word that you say will be recorded somewhere. And we need to fight against that. So be smart. Start using VPNs and make your internet surfing safe and secure. And if you do that, you will never again be afraid. VPNs are your best friend considering the privacy, and with time you will realize that.