The Internet is the biggest world platform. You can find pretty much anything that you want. From the information that you might be looking for, shopping for items that you can`t find in your near proximity. You can also connect with the people all around the world. There are many social media sites where you can meet new people. You can also watch movies, TV shows, listen to the music. You can also go to the Youtube and watch videos that are perfect for you. But there is one definitely big problem with the internet, especially nowadays. And that is anonymity. In last few years internet anonymity is becoming a part of the past. Pretty much all the governments in the world are trying to remove any kind of anonymity online so they could track what all of their citizens are doing. And that is pretty dangerous because until now, the internet was the only place where you were able to stay anonymous. And people are scared. What could that do to the way that we surf the internet? Could people go to jail just because some post that they have written on some website? The sheer thought is pretty frightening. But here is a question. Could you do anything to protect yourself from possible privacy violations? Is there anything that could help you stay anonymous? Now anonymous internet surfing is one of the biggest topics around internet users because of scandals of privacy visibility.

How hard is it to stay anonymous on the internet?

This is a good question. How hard is it to stay anonymous online? Well, it all depends. If you are not the person that has social media sites. If you are not the person that is very active on the internet, then your privacy should not be the problem and you should not be worried about your privacy. But if you are kind of person that is very active on all social media sites. If you act on all sorts of forums and have a strong opinion, then you could be a problem. Especially if you live in the country that is not really „liberty“ friendly. They could find your IP address, find your social media accounts, search for your address, and who knows, maybe even prosecute you. And that is something that no one would like. Check article about your Gmail account security issues here.

The savior of your online privacy

There are many services online that will promise you that they can help you to stay anonymous online. And like most of them, those claims are only promises that never come to fruition. But there is something that can really make your internet traffic private. The way that no one will be able to find out what are you searching online. And that solution is VPN services. They are the best service that will allow you to stay anonymous pretty much every time that you are surfing the web. VPNs will allow your traffic to pass through specific servers which will mask your IP address to the rest of the world. VPN services are so good that even government agencies cannot break them through. Which only speaks how great they are. How much protection and security they are offering you. VPNs are really the best way to protect your internet privacy. Sure, they will cost you money, some are expensive, but if you really want to be secure and private on the internet, is the money really the problem? Definitely not, because there should never be too high privacy on security. Security is something that our species charities the most. And with modern times, privacy has become cherished almost on the same level as the security. And with VPNs you can have pretty much bought in the same. VPN-are really future and they will help all the society to stop nosy governments from sniffing around your internet traffic and what you do online.

Are there some bad side effects of complete privacy online?

Privacy is very important. But what if some people use privacy in a bad way? Many of us probably never had heard about the Dark Web. Place on the internet where you can find many illegal things. Some of them are so disgusting that we won`t even talk about it. Some things that you can find on the dark web are illegal weapons sellers, drug sellers. There are even sites on the Dark web where they teach terrorists how to create the homemade bomb. This definitely sounds very scary, dangerous. And for now, there is nothing that we can do about it. And the saddest thing is that Dark web is full of child pornography sites. Which is disgusting and something which should be removed from the face of the Earth. Problem is that VPNs allow all of those evil people to stay private while they are surfing on all of those disgusting websites. This is so disturbing…..something that we should eradicate as soon as possible.

But can we blame VPN services for allowing those people to stay anonymous while surfing the dark web? Of course not. VPN services are made to protect regular people from their nosy governments who want to know everything that you do online. And that is the main reason that they exist, to protect little man from a big tyrant who wants to know everything. Even a simple glass bottle can be used for heinous things. The main purpose of the bottle is to contain a liquid that you will drink. But unfortunately, it can be also used as a deadly weapon. Same goes with VPNs. The main purpose of them is to protect the everyday person from hackers and government agents that want to steal your info or know what you are doing online. But it can also be used to mask the internet traffic for people who visit the Dark web regularly. Nothing is black or white in our world, Same goes with VPNs.

In the end, should you stay anonymous on the internet?

The simple answer is, yes you should. The Internet is really still the only place where you can still be anonymous. Every time when you go outside your home lose your anonymity, you are present around other people and they can see every move that you make. Also, it is really hard to express yourself to the other people if you don`t have a protection of anonymity. Many people who express their opinions live in front of people tend to get in a bit arguments that can lead to serious confrontations. But with internet anonymity, that dangerous part is not present. No one can physically attack you because of your opinion and things that you have to say. And if you use VPN service, well, then you are 100% protected from all the potential danger that could happen. The biggest problem is that most of the people don` t realize how much internet anonymity is important. And the day when they will realize it will be too late. But for us who already know about the all potential dangers of losing internet anonymity, there is a way to be safe online and we will do all to stay protected and anonymous. And the best way for that is, as we already said VPN service.