The Internet is something that is a big part of our lives. Most of us can`t live without the connection to the internet. Almost every person is connected to the internet in some way. Some only to pay their bills, some to communicate with people. Some to play the video games, some to listen to the music. And some to do their business through the internet. But in the last years, internet privacy is under attack by many governments. They are trying to find a way how to control their citizens and find out what do they search online. We came to the point that internet privacy is on the brink of the end. People are trying to do all that they can to protect their privacy online. There are many ways that we can do so. From fighting against your government. This can be a hard battle to take, but many times it had prevailed and stopped the government to know everything about your internet habits and searches. But what if that doesn`t work? What if you need to do much more to protect your privacy? What can you really do? Well, there is a solution. There is a way to protect your internet privacy. And that is by using specific services that will allow you to search the internet incognito, without any chance that anyone would know what you are looking for. Your solution to this problem is VPN services and Proxy services. They are the best services that you can use to protect your privacy online.

VPN service for protecting your privacy

VPN services are one of the best ways that you can protect your privacy online. Probably the best one. Many other privacy services offer you only particular security while surfing online, while, on the other hand, VPN can protect you from all potential security breaches that come from all kind of different website and web services. And many people chose the VPNs as their choice for the most people who are protecting their privacy.

How does VPN work and how to install it

Now we come to the question. How do VPN services work? Are they complicated to install? VPN service (Virtual Private Networks) work in the way that they create an encrypted tunnel between your computer and the host server. This way it blocks all the potential intrusion to your IP address because it masks your IP address. The government won’t is able to see what were you searching online. ¬†And we will tell you why. The only thing that your ISP or government can see is that you are connected to the VPN. They can`t collect them. All the internet traffic, all the sites that you have visited. Everything stays private. Problems with some VPNs is that they keep the log of when you have come online. That is why it is very important to use VPN provider that won`t keep any log of your internet activity.

To install the VPN service, first, you need to download the program and install the VPN client. You can also configure your mobile phone or computer so you can install the VPN service on your preferred device. And when you are done with all of that, you can finally use the VPN service and search the internet without any chance that anyone would know what you are searching or do online because you are routed through the VPN service. The only real negative that we can say about the VPN service is the price. VPNs can be really expensive. So you need to be prepared to spend a good amount of money for this service. But if the privacy and security are high on your list, then you definitely should spend the money on the VPN service. You definitely won`t regret your choice if you choose VPN as the way to protect your privacy online.

Proxy servers for protecting your online privacy

Proxy servers are computers that are used as an intermediary between your computer and whole internet. This way all the traffic that you have made on the internet will appear as it was done from the proxy server (computer). This way government and all the other possible people who want to know about your internet habits will get the wrong IP address which won`t be connected to your home IP address. That way you are almost fully protected and can search around the internet without a fear that someone would be able to find out your IP address and what are you doing online.

Another benefit of Proxy servers is that many it can accept many simultaneous connections from many users. Because of this, proxy servers are much cheaper and easier to use for the protecting your privacy. Proxy servers also have different ways to communicate with the internet. Most popular ones are HTTP and SOCKS.

HTTP Proxy servers are made to interpret traffic at the HTTP level. This means that this proxy can only handle traffic which starts with HTTP:// or https:// more simplified, standard web pages. This makes HTTP Proxy servers only effective for the standard web surfing. But, because of this simplicity, this makes it much faster than Socks proxies or VPN services. This will allow you to surf the web much faster and easier.

SOCKS Proxy Servers

The difference between SOCKS servers and other ones is that it does not interpret the network traffic in a way. This makes them much easier to use and much more flexible. And they usually handle much more network traffic, which makes them slower than other options. Main selling point of the SOCKS proxy is that supports pretty much any kind of internet traffic, some of them are POP3 and SMPT for emails, FTP for uploading all kinds of files to the websites, IRC chat, and allows you to use torrent files without any potential privacy breach.

In the end, what kind of privacy protection is better for you? VPN or Proxy?

There is no simple answer to this question because each of this services has its own benefits and negatives. First of all, Proxy services are much easier to use. You don`t need to install the whole software just to begin using the internet privately. Then there is also the simplicity of use. You can easily choose what kind of protection do you need. Then, there is an internet speed. By using Proxy servers you will be able to search the internet much faster than you would be able to do it with VPN security. And the last thing is that proxy server is much cheaper.

But, on the other hand. VPN service offers you much better protection. They will protect you from any potential privacy breach. Also, there is almost no way that someone would be able to penetrate the VPNs defense and find out your real IP address. Sure, this service is expensive, but it definitely offers you a lot, much more than Proxy servers can offer you. In the end, all comes to your preference. Do you need simple protection that will protect you while you are surfing standard online pages? Or do you need the service that will protect you from everything that your government can throw at you? The choice is on you.