VPNs are definitely the best protection that you can have while you are searching the net. They allow you go through the internet in incognito mode. No one will be able to find your IP address while using VPN. And that is what makes VPNs so special. They make you compiled from all the web and all potential traits. VPNs are becoming more popular and popular, and we all know why. Every single person who values its privacy should have some kind of VPN protection. But with every complex hardware and software, there is a place for a potential problem. And when those problems come, what can you do? In this article, we will give you advice how to solve most common problems that occur with using VPN service. We will make it as simple as possible so that every person can do it by themselves. And with this knowledge, you will be able to fix even more complex problems. Enough about that, let`s start with the article.

First, you need to find out who is affected by this problem

The first thing that you need to do when you are trying to fix problem connected to the VPN service is to find out who is affected by it. Is it only you of more people in your home, work and etc. This can help you to reduce the possible problems that are affecting your VPN service. If everyone in your company has the problem with VPN server then the problem is probably with the hardware because it is pretty much impossible that software would not work for each employee because of software problem. The most potential problem is incorrect firewall rule that blocks your company from using the VPN service.

Problem with installing  3000 CISCO VPN service

This is a very common problem when you are trying to install the VPN service. But luckily, this is a very easy fix. The only thing that you need to do is to disable ICS on your machine before you install VPN client on your PC. We definitely recommend that you replace ICS with a good home router that has a good firewall. But this problem can be also avoided if VPN connects through another machine that uses ICS. Here are the steps to disable the ICS. First, you need to go to the Start button. Then click control panel/administrative tools/services/Internet connection sharing, and then you need to disable the „Load on Startup option and you are done with this problem.

Using the shared keys

It can happen that you are getting login errors. That you are unable to connect to your VPN service. There is one common problem that is happening. And that is sharing the login key with more people. This usually occurs when you have more than one PC-s at home and only one VPN service. At that point usually, only one PC can use VPN service. To fix this problem you need to go to the Configuration/System/Tunneling Protocols/IPSec LAN-to-LAN option and then select your IPsec configuration. Then you need to enter your pre-shared key. Then, on a Cisco PIX firewall used in conjunction with the concentrator, use the command is amp key password address xx.xx.xx.xx netmask where the password is your preshared key. The key used in your concentrator and on your PIX should match exactly. And this should fix your shared keys problem.


Using the firewall and getting the error reports when you are trying to connect to the VPN

This is a very common problem for many other programs, not only VPNs. Usually, firewalls will block all unknown software that might present the security problem to your PC. There are some ways that you can fix this problem.  Some VPN services need to be open in firewall software. This will allow your VPN connection to work without any problems and you won`t have to repeat the process over and over again. Simplest option to fix this problem is to allow VPN service be used without a firewall. You can disable firewall for some programs that you want. This is simplest and easiest way to fix this problem.

Problems with accessing other resources on your PC while using the VPN connection

This problem usually results from split-tunneling being disabled on your PC. Split-tunneling can pose some security risks. The reason is that, on the one hand, you have VPN service, but on the other part of the split tunneling, you are using your PC without any real protection. The best way to fix this problem is to install the high-quality anti-virus program that will protect you while you are accessing other resources on your PC. This is a simple fix and very useful. VPN protect your privacy online. While antivirus programs protect your PC from potential viruses that can be hidden in the programs that you have downloaded or that you have already installed on your PC.

Problems with connecting to the email services

This is the problem when you can`t receive mail from mail servers. Which definitely can be really annoying. To fix this problem, you need to use fully-qualified domain names for each of your mail servers. This way you will be able to access your email servers while using VPN with ease.

Problems with internet connection

Even this problem can occur while you are using VPN service. You have everything connected as it should be. But you can`t access the internet. The way to fix this problem is ti create username and password for PPPoE account. By doing this, you could get establish the connection the internet while you are using VPN service.

Very slow internet speed

If you use VPN service you need to be aware that service itself will slow down your internet speed drastically. That is because it needs to pass through multiple ghost servers and IP addresses to reach your PC. The best way to fix that is to use good VPN service that provides you with acceptable internet speeds which won`t hamper your internet surfing experience.

And most importantly, never rule out that problem could be made by the service provider

It can happen that you have done pretty much everything that you can to fix your VPN problem. And nothing works, literally, nothing had work. And then you need to ask yourself. Maybe the problem isn`t on your PC, on servers in your business. The problem could be made by the VPN company itself. We all know that every time when companies are updating their software, that there is a high chance that updated version of the software will have some bugs that will not allow proper function of the VPN service. And the way to fix this problem is to contact the VPN provider. Tell them about the problem that has occurred and that you have done literally everything to fix it and that nothing had worked. Then you inform them that there is definitely something wrong with their software. And we can`t blame them, there are so many lines of code every time when the update of the software is done. The only thing that you need to hope is that they are great with the customers and that they will resolve the problem as fast that they can. In the end, never give up, do all that you can to fix your VPN connection because without it, you will be unprotected and target for all the wrong people.