Author: Duncan Murazik

Choosing A Restaurant: Important Considerations

When there are too many choices for restaurants to pick from, people often get confused and cannot decide which one to go for. Well, this article will teach you the basics of choosing a restaurant.  There are very basic and crucial things that you must take into account while choosing a restaurant. This…

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Preparation Of Belgian Frites

Fries are a globally adored food item. There is a constant debate about who invented the fries; with France, Belgium and Spain competing for the credit. Belgians claim that American soldiers incorrectly named them as ‘French fries’ because French was the official language of the Belgian army during WWI.  What makes Belgian fries…

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2 Kids Favorite Desserts With Vermicelli

Vermicelli is one of the most liked options for kids when it comes to desserts.You can make it for Eid or even a birthday party. As it is easy to chew, kids will never shy away from a vermicelli dessert. Here are two easy, unique recipes for kids to enjoy: Vermicelli Kunafa Recipe…

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