The go-to munchies for hunger pangs and the calling of all parties, pizzas are some of the world’s most loved food items. It’s not an exaggeration to say that pizza lovers find occasions to grab a bite of their favorite meals. If you’re somewhere from Montreal and share the love for delicately cooked pizzas, you should try the Menu of the Double Pizza Montreal pizza corner: a family-run legacy pizza business. 

  1. They have 16 exclusive signature pizzas that you can choose from. 
  2. They will have the toppings you want, just the way you like, 99 out of 100 times. 
  3. Whether it’s a halal pizza you want or a vegan one, they have all the varieties. 
  4. Now, what’s a pizza without the crisp taste of French fries? Being the passionate cooks that they are, chefs at Double pizza make some of the best French fries in Montreal. 

If your hunger goes beyond your usual liking for pizzas, they do offer meals such as fried chicken, chicken wings with dipping sauces, poutines, Angus beef burgers, cheeseburgers, and different varieties of bread and desserts!  

On that note, if you’ve gotten hungry and ready to munch on some food, we have a list of some budget-friendly combo meals that Double Pizza offers. Have a look and choose your favorite meal!

The Summer Special Deal 

This is a customized combo deal for both online orders and takeaways. Here’s what you get:

  1. A medium pizza – you can choose the variety from all-dressed pizzas, pepperoni pizzas, cheese pizzas, Hawaiian pizzas, or Vegetarian pizzas. 
  2. A medium packet of fries. 
  3. 2 cans of Pepsi. 

Now, if you’re picking it yourself, the deal will start at just 14.99$. In case, you’re choosing the home delivery option, you’ll get the deal at 19.99$.

The Pickup Special Deal that Stands for the entire week 

The name says it all: you can avail of this deal for takeaway orders all 7 days a week. 

  1. You can buy a large cheese pizza or pepperoni pizza starting at the base rate of just 9.99$. You’ll have the option to get it customized further with toppings of your choice (at additional cost, of course).
  2. If you want all-dressed pizza, it will be offered at just 12.99$. 

C2 Special Deal

This deal is for customers who are placing their orders online. It starts at just 24.99$ and, under this deal, you will get any 2 medium pizzas that you like, a medium packet of crispy French fries, and a 2L Pepsi. 

On a parting note, do check out the Double pizza website to find out more deals that they bring almost daily for their customers.