The person who works with and assists the chef in the kitchen is called a kitchen porter. It is a huge responsibility in itself to ensure that everything is available at the right time and promptly, which the kitchen porter performs with full dedication. Well, in today’s modern world, the importance of a kitchen porter has increased more than ever. Today we will discuss with you how and what changes have come in the work of a kitchen porter.

Traditional Role of kitchen porter:

Compared to earlier times, all kitchen helpers were not looked upon with any kind of respect, that is, their work was not given importance. They were only given tasks like washing utensils and cleaning the kitchen and they were kept away from any other kitchen work i.e. cooking, but now a lot has changed which we will understand below.

1. Modern role changes:

Compared to earlier, now kitchen helpers do many other responsible tasks in the kitchen apart from just washing utensils. Let’s understand them one by one.

2. Cleaning and Hygiene:

Now the kitchen assistant not only has to wash utensils but many other duties have also been included in his duties which were not there earlier like following the cleanliness and hygiene standards so that any kind of spoiled or rotten material in the kitchen does not spread dirt or bacteria in the environment which will have a bad effect on the food items, this responsibility is now of the kitchen assistant.

3. Preparation of ingredients:

Kitchen porters are now involved in the preparation of all the ingredients used in cooking, unlike earlier kitchen porters who were limited to handling utensils. This is no longer the case. Kitchen porters now contribute to the preparation of every ingredient used in the food, improving the hotel’s business and helping the cooks prepare food on time without compromising on quality.

4. materials and equipment:

In restaurants and hotels, kitchen porters now manage the entire material, food, and equipment to see if anything is missing. Apart from this, they also check the equipment used while cooking and their maintenance is also the responsibility of the kitchen porter.

Reasons for Evolution the role of kitchen porter:

There are several main reasons why kitchen assistants have evolved so much compared to the past.

1. Increasing competition:

In today’s time, most people are showing more interest in opening their restaurant or hotel, due to which there is an environment of competition as to whose service is better or whose food tastes better, hence the role of kitchen porter has expanded and so has their work, which has given them a new identity.

2. Technological advancement:

Now many types of modern cooking equipment have come in big restaurants, for which it is necessary to have technical knowledge so that the equipment can be taken care of properly, hence a lot of changes have been seen in the responsibilities of kitchen assistants.


As compared to the old-time kitchen porter, today’s assistants are more important and have a different respect of their own. This change has helped a lot in increasing their value, which shows that behind a successful and high-quality kitchen, there is a responsible kitchen porter, who keeps a close eye on every small and big thing and runs the kitchen smoothly without any explanation. A cook just fulfills his professional responsibilities, but the assistants standing behind him keep working continuously for your convenience. It would not be wrong to say that these are the real heroes of the kitchen, who are behind the scenes.