Love your steaks and cuts from the local supermarket? You may change your mind after trying online meat delivery. Regardless of the meat you prefer (no offense to vegans!), you need animal protein as a part of your healthy diet. For most consumers, the biggest issue is getting fresh produce without compromising on quality. In Canada, services like Papa Earth meat delivery have changed the entire shopping experience for buyers. If you have your reservations, here are 5 real reasons to order meat online. 

  1. Get organic meats. A lot has been written about the benefits of organic meats, especially grass-fed beef. These animals are raised in large farms, on a completely organic diet, with no growth hormones or antibiotics. If you haven’t tried organic beef as yet, online stores offer the option of delivering meat in vacuum sealer bags at your doorstep. Taste is subjective for sure, but organic produce is easier to access online.
  2. Support the planet. Support local farmers. There are meat delivery services that work in collaboration with local farmers, and when you place an order, you are actually rewarding their work and effort. Organic farming is easily the ideal choice for the planet, especially because commercial production of livestock is causing unparalleled damage and depletion of natural resources. 
  3. Get more options. Even if you don’t care enough for organic meats, there is no denying that online stores have more varieties on offer. From wild-caught salmon, to organic beef and steaks, you can find options that are otherwise not accessible at local grocery stores. 
  4. Know your food. More often than not, those selling meats at local stores have no idea of the actual source. As a prudent customer, you must know where your meat is coming from, and online stores usually like to mention these details. Many meat delivery services in Canada even mention the farm and the day when the animal was slaughtered. There is no mystery in your purchases. 
  5. Save time and money. Ordering online meat from the right service also means saving time. No frequent tips to the grocery store. Also, you can get discounts on bulk purchases, with offers from time to time on regular shopping too. 

Check online now to find more on meat delivery options near you in Canada. Where available, always consider going for grass-fed or organic meats. That choice is not just about the planet, but also about quality and taste.