Are you struggling to find a perfect cocktail that better suit for sipping on a hot summer day? If so, try the classic Italian spritz cocktail. The bittersweet taste of aperitif and bubbly prosecco create a perfect antidote for the heat during summer. Cocktails have gone through many variations through the centuries. But still classic spritz cocktail is one of the best. 

There are several ways to make a spritz cocktail, and lots of opinions are there about the right way of making it. Whatever method you are using to make your cocktail, it is right until you are getting the flavor you like. Just serve it chilled. Most of the bars now have a 3 door bottle cooler to keep their beverages chilled. Cocktail making is all about the chemistry of ingredients. The most classic and basic form is made with just three ingredients: an aperitif, sparkling wine, and ice. To make a lighter version, you can add club soda too. 

Most Preferred Aperitif 

Aperitif is the main ingredient of the classic Italian spritz cocktail and Aperol is the most popular type of it. It has a sweet and citrusy flavor with a bright orange hue. Another type of aperitif is Campari. It is also popular and has a bitter taste than Aperol. It contains higher alcohol content and has a deep red color. 

Moreover, it gives a flavor of cherry and herbal undertones with a lighter taste of cinnamon. Campari gives a bitter flavor, but most people find it more refreshing. Cappelletti is another wine-based aperitif that you can try. It gives you a taste of a secrete blend of vanilla, cola, and citrus. You can also try the most popular half and half blend of Aperol and Campari. 

You can also be creative and can make your own version after trying different combinations. But whatever you try, you will get a drink relatively low in alcohol, refreshing, a little bitter, and bubbly because of spritz. 

Ratios Are Important 

In the making of a cocktail, ratios are more important to taste so you need to consider them carefully. Usually, you get a perfect drink if you use three to one ratio of sparkling wine to the aperitif. If you prefer a lighter version, you can top your drink with club soda. You can add club soda depending on the sweetness of the wine you choose and the aperitif. Adjust its quantity until it tastes right to you.


To make the tastiest classic spritz cocktail, you need three ingredients: 3 ounces of prosecco or any sparkling wine, 1 ounce of aperitif like Aperol or Campari, and club soda. You can also use sparkling water instead of club soda. You will also need ice to make your cocktail a perfect one.



Step 1: Fill the Glass with Ice 

The first step is to fill a large glass with ice. You can take a wine glass or glass of your choice to enjoy this classic cocktail. 

Step 2: Stir All the Ingredients 

After filling the glass with ice, it is time to add aperitif of your choice. You can add 1 ounce of either Campari or Aperol. Then add 3 ounces of sparkling wine or prosecco. Stir both the ingredients to combine. 

Step 3: Top It with Soda 

After combining sparkling wine and aperitif, top the drink with club soda. It is optional, you can add it according to your taste. You can add it especially if you like a lighter version of the cocktail. 

Step 4: Serving 

Before serving this tastiest classic spritz cocktail, garnish it with an orange slice or a briny olive. It needs a maximum of 5 minutes to prepare this drink, so make it and enjoy your summer.