Japanese food is delicate, small-portioned, and beautiful and at the same time uses as little spice as possible. It’s just like water; it’s pure, clear, makes you feel comfortable, as if you are engulfed in a warm embrace. Japanese food is based on minimalist principles with each dish made with few high quality base ingredients, dislike for waste, moderate use of spices and focus on bringing out the umami flavor.  

Japanese food is still pretty much a niche item in Australia. Most of the Aussies are exposed to Japanese food only in the form of sushi, usually at sushi stands in shopping malls or a sushi train places where various sushi dishes rotate around a sort of model train track and you pick up the ones that interest you. Proper Japanese style restaurants do exist in capital cities and in a few regional towns but despite being a small segment, they have a comprehensive menu. There aren’t that many Japanese restaurants in Melbourne as there are only a few Japanese living in Australia. 

Nevertheless, Japanese food served in Australia cannot be undermined in any way as the country has some of the finest restaurants serving authentic food. It is not only sushi, the famous Japanese dish that is served here but the entire cuisine is served at the finest Japanese restaurants in Australia.

Authentic Japanese food with a modern twist

The food at Tokyo Tina is Japanese with a modern twist. The wait staff are always friendly helpful. The restaurant has amazing views and multi course degustation meals – modern Australian with international influence. There is a bar in the same complex that you can get the view for the price of one moderately priced drink. They have good varieties of sushi; their in-house gourmet sushi’s are a must try and are quite creative. They have some pretty decent Japanese rice bowls as well as many authentic Japanese dishes. They have mind blowing cocktails that go beautifully with the food. 

Japanese food is all about preparation and presentation. The chefs at the restaurant are in no hurry to finish preparing the dish and serving them. They delicately slice through the veggies and meat, add the spices and marinate them, and finally plate them beautifully. More than the flavors, it is the look of the dish that attracts. Australians love to eat at these authentic Japanese restaurants where they can get a holistic dining experience.

With high-quality Japanese food; both regular and vegan made of fresh seasonal vegetables using simple techniques, maybe with time-tested, healthful flavor agents, Tokyo Tina is your place to be. Making group bookings at Tokyo Tina are a pretty easy affair. Be it a cozy night-out with your loved ones, a huge lunch-on with your extended family or a fun night of bingo with your acquaintances, Tokyo Tina should be your go to. So, pack up your bags and get a glimpse of Japan at Tokyo Tina. Visit their website for more information.