Fries are a globally adored food item. There is a constant debate about who invented the fries; with France, Belgium and Spain competing for the credit. Belgians claim that American soldiers incorrectly named them as ‘French fries’ because French was the official language of the Belgian army during WWI. 

What makes Belgian fries unique and give them a distinct flavor is that they are fried twice unlike any other deep-fried potato. 

Belgian frites are called by different names in numerous countries. Namely- French fries in the USA, chips in the UK, frites in Belgium, and pommes frites in France. However, all stem back to the original Belgian Frites.

The preparation of Belgian frites greatly influence the taste of fries. Not every place can offer you the perfect crunch and taste. This is what makes Frite Alors poutine restaurant stand out. They are functional since past 30 years and have managed to maintain the authentic taste of the Belgian frites adding their Quebec accent. 

Here are the steps that good restaurants follow to serve you scrumptious fries- 

1] Picking of potatoes

The primary step is choosing succulent and firm potatoes since the quality of potatoes influences the end result – the fries. The restaurants; after proper evaluation, handpick the most superior potatoes from a field nearby. These are freshly picked almost every day before preparation, which ensures you don’t get stale potato fries. 

2] Cut by hand 

The restaurants believe in manual skill therefore they wash up the potatoes clean, peel them well and hand cut them into symmetrical slices. Freshly cut fries are healthier and taste better but frozen fries are statistically popular. A French fry cutter is used to get even shapes. The amount of preservative in hand cut fries are minimal. 

3] Blanched according to Belgian method; in animal fat

Blanching involves scalding vegetables in boiling water or steam for a short time. To cook Belgian fries and maintain their originality, the restaurant blanches the potato in animal fat according to the Belgian method. 

Lastly, the fries are cooked by proficient chefs with love and served hot and fresh to you! The two-bath technique is usually adopted by chefs to produce better results. The entire cooking process is carried out in hygienic conditions. 

The Frite Alors poutine restaurant offers a myriad of freshly cooked menu, which includes Hamburgers, poutines, Ciabattas, hotdogs, homemade meals, salads, beverages, desserts, sauces and of course the appetizing Fries!