Popcorn is one of the favorite snacks for all age groups. People feel nostalgic of their childhood memories as soon as they experience the fresh buttery aroma and popping sound of popcorns. Thus, they make the best decision for any party or event planner. If you are searching for these machines on rent, you have landed the right article. In this article, we will discuss the essential guidelines of hiring a good quality popcorn machine.

Some reputed firms also send a popcorn staff to give you value added services and convenience. You can share a themed party outfit to create excitement at the popcorn counter. Sizzle popcorn machines for rents are amongst the best examples of reliable services.

7 Tips to hire a good quality popcorn machine for a planned party:

  1. Plan a location: Before renting a popcorn machine for a planned party, decide the location where the machine will be installed. Popcorn machines can be of various styles and sizes. Some machine rental companies decorate or accessorize the popcorn machine to create party vibe which may increase its size. Choose location as per the size of the machine desired.
  2. Choose the size of machine: The second essential step is to check the various types of popcorn machines. From small to large machines on wheels, they have different rental options to choose from.
  3. Check the machine availability: Another important factor to consider is to check the availability of the machine. On weekends and other festive days, the popcorn machines are likely to be booked on rent. Check its availability and make plans for advance bookings.
  4. Discuss the cost per hour: If your party or event is for a limited period of time, it would be wise to discuss the cost per hour rather paying rent for the whole day.
  5. Additional features/flavors: Confirm with the vendor if the machine can make different flavors of popcorn. Also discuss the capacity of popcorn it can make at once.
  6. Buy good quality popcorn kernels: Only renting the machine won’t make a difference in the party; you also need to choose high-quality popcorn kernels. Most machine vendors have good contacts of reputed popcorn stores. Their reference can also get you good deals and discounts.
  7. Ask for a staff: Ask the popcorn machine Rental Company if they have options to arrange for a trained professional to make popcorns in different flavors as reputed companies like Sizzle popcorn machines for rent It can save you time and effort.