The likelihood of finding a burger at a restaurant these days is pretty high. Almost every restaurant that opens in Australia features some sort of burger on its menu. It is great that many places are embracing the greatness of the humble burger, but we need to acknowledge where to find the best burgers. Especially in our nations’ capital. It is time to give some proper credit to the places that are providing the best burgers in Canberra at the moment.

If you’re really looking to treat yourself, it is best to try a burger created by a chef who has perfected any burger making. There are tons of great burgers out there, but why don’t you try the best burger in Canberra created by Milky Lane.

Since 2016, Milky Lane has been shaking up the burger scene and winning the hearts of fans. The iconic institution serves up juicy burgers and over-the-top desserts alongside amazing cocktails. Their love for hip-hop is just as big as our passion for good food. Throughout Milky Lane stores, you’ll find art that’s worth a look, and music that keeps the vibe of the restaurant going late into the night.

You could check out the Milky Lane Instagram now, or you could come to experience the real thing. There has never been a better time to get your crew together, grab a delicious burger, and enjoy the night.

The ultimate hip hop utopia, Milky Lane, is where guests can indulge in spectacular cuisine, drinks, and entertainment. The decor at every Milky Lane venue is designed to resemble the urban streetscape, featuring murals and graffiti pieces on the walls. Each restaurant features playful and colourful murals, lavish booths, private dining areas, and smaller tables for intimate groups.

The new and improved “BIG POPPA” burger includes double smashed patties with smoked Brisket, Maple smoked bacon, deep-fried mozzarella patties, house-made crispy onion rings, ‘baconnaise’ and BBQ sauce. One of the greatest combinations the burger restaurant in Canberra has been offering.

The Milky Lane team has created a hearty, delicious, and comforting burger, perfect for the springtime. They also have house-made spag-bol and meatballs, and a huge range of Canberra’s best burgers available which will surely warm your soul and fill your bellies.

Besides keeping your stomach full, Milky Lane gift cards make great gifts for anyone or any occasion. Give that special someone a gift they will appreciate! At Milky Lane, you can also exclusively reserve several Milky Lane Restaurants, for your events, if you are catering to large groups of friends or colleagues. The venue, food, and drinks can all be tailored to your specific events, and you can also include anything you want to make your event stand out.

If you love burgers and want something completely new and unique, from unique cocktails to burgers and desserts, then Milky Lane is the place to be. Online booking is also available so that you can enjoy the best burger in Australia with your friends. Enjoy!