There are many wonderful dairy products on the market, but one stands out above all others: cheese. Cheese is part of so many dishes that simply would not exist without it. Pizza, nachos and just a couple that come to mind. Cheese can improve almost any food hugely. Burger cheese, on the other hand, is second to none, adding value to the dish and an excellent taste. Restaurants have been serving the best cheeses on their burgers for a long time and they continue to do so today.

You can also get a lot of health benefits from cheese. Studies have shown that the high calcium content in burger cheese aids in bone and dental health. Therefore, next time you feel like overdoing it on the cheese, remember you are just getting your vitamins and minerals.

There are various varieties of burger cheese, such as natural cheddar, Hi-melt, and American cheese. The versatility of these cheese slices makes them ideally suited for a wide range of dishes. They contribute great appeal to them as well. So, here are some of the uses for burger cheese, that doesn’t actually include burgers:

Breakfast Food

Breakfast is the most important meal of the deal, especially when cheese is involved. A hearty breakfast of sausage, bacon, pancakes and cheesy eggs is always a delight. The complexity of a burger cheese makes it incredibly diverse, and it can be eaten with a wide range of breakfast foods, especially eggs. When you like a salty and savoury breakfast, you can add a delicious burger cheese over your home-made fries or hash browns, eggs, and vegetables. A great addition to your breakfast menu.


The delicious broccoli and natural cheddar cheese combination make broccoli and cheddar cheese soup perfect for cold winter days. Regardless of what vegetable you prefer, there are plenty of others that are available and match perfectly with burger cheese slices. The flavour of natural cheddar cheese compliments many vegetables, including roasted red pepper, pickled radish, eggplant, sun-dried tomatoes, zucchini, potatoes and cauliflower.

Sweet and Salty Nuts

Burger cheese has a delicious creamy tangy flavour that compliments the sweet taste of almonds. The combination of cheese and nuts is memorable and is often found in cheese spreads. You can pair burger cheese with peanuts for a sweet and savoury companion. Cashews shouldn’t be forgotten, either! Cashews compliment the sharp taste of a Hi Melt burger cheese because of their buttery sweetness.

These dishes are a great addition to your restaurant’s menu. However, don’t forget to try these dishes yourself before you serve a final dish to your customers.

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