If there’s one food item that beats every other, is suitable for every occasion, and can turn a normal day into a special one, then that’s pizza. It’s not an exaggeration of expression to call pizza a universal food since foodies all over the world relish the authentic taste of pizzas. If you’re in Canada or visiting Montreal, then, pizza houses such as the commander Double Pizza that serve over 16 signature pizzas are the best pizza joints you must explore. The many reasons why once you eat their food, the taste will remain with you forever have been compiled in the guide below. Have a look!

  1. If Variety is their Middle Name, then Quality is the First

As already listed, they prepare more than 16 different pizzas, but that’s not it. Their menu stretches to French fries, Pepsi, steaks, subs, beef burgers, cookies, cheeseburgers, cakes, Pouding ChĂ´meur, and much more. They’re food magicians equipped to deal with your hunger pangs.

Other than variety, they’re also popular for the taste that they deliver. If you’ve always wondered what’s the special ingredient that makes their pizzas so tasty, then, the secret ingredient is freshness. Unlike most pizza corners that heat pre-made pizzas, they knead their doughs fresh.

Besides, the ingredients in your pizza come from local farmers. None of their ingredients are, thus, packaged. So, everything about their food is special because it is fresh!

  1. They Value Their Customers

Serving fresh pizzas is already their USP. On top of that, they reward their customers by giving away combo meals and running loyalty programs. The details are as follows!

Combo Meals by Double Pizza in Montreal

  1. They offer a very special combo meal by the name of Back to School Special. What you get in this meal plan, starting at 29.99$, includes 2 medium pizzas (cheese or pepperoni or all-dressed), 1 choco-chip cookie (9-inch), and 2 cans of Pepsi.
  2. Another very popular meal special for their online customers is the C2 special deal. They serve 2 medium pizzas, 1 medium fries, and a 2L Pepsi bottle at 24.99$ as a part of this meal plan.

Loyalty Programs for Online Customers

Ordering online with Double Pizza isn’t just easy, it’s also enticing. You get a point each for every 5$ you spend on their website. Once you have 30 points, you can cash those 30 points to buy a free all-dressed large pizza or any three toppings of your choice.

So, if you always wanted to earn for eating, taste the finest delicacies, and spend less, then Double Pizza is the Pizza joint you must try!