Does pineapple belong on a pizza? This is an argument that has raged for years. Love it or hate it, pineapple is one of the most favourite pizza toppings in our Pizza Depot Plaistow branch, and let’s face it, what would our Hawaiian Hula pizza be without those sweet chunks of lush, golden pineapple? Well, we will tell you…. turkey ham pizza, that’s what!

The pineapple inclusivity argument peaked in 2017 when the President of Iceland, Guðni Th. Jóhannesson, sparked headlines across the world with his desire to ban pineapple toppings from pizza. 

He later admitted that he did not have the power to do this anyway, but his personal choice certainly ruffled the feathers of pizza fans far and wide. But don’t worry, Plaistow pizza lovers – our Hawaiian Hula pizza will forever be here for you with its sweet and comforting flavours!

What the nation said

According to a YouGov study, 84% of Brits say they like pizza, and a similar 82% like pineapple, yet only 53% say they like pineapple on pizza. However, that is still an awful lot of pineapple pizza fans out there.

The study also revealed that the number one disliked pizza topping was anchovies, with pineapple coming in at number five. What was also eye-opening about the results was that the number one most favourite pizza topping is the humble mushroom! 

We have to admit that we get through a lot of mushrooms at our Plaistow Pizza Depot branch. It is not surprising when mushrooms complement many pizza flavours, such as our tasty Great British Fry-Up pizza.

What could be better on the weekend than our traditional British fry-up on a tasty pizza base with sizzling bangers, smoked turkey ‘bacon’, hash browns, tomatoes and mushrooms? Yummy!

And don’t forget that our friendly team at our Plaistow branch will be happy to customise your pizza for you. If you fancy extra mushrooms on your pizza or want to add a touch of sweetness with a handful of pineapple on your Margherita pizza, just let us know, and we will be happy to oblige.

Why our pizzas are for everyone!

Interestingly, men are much more likely to choose meaty toppings for their pizza and like a hit of heat and spice, so our Istanbul Doner pizza really hits the spot. This is a tasty combination of meaty doner kebab with hot green chilli pepper and chilli sauce drizzle. Yum!

Apparently, according to the same study mentioned above, ladies like spinach on their pizzas, so our Chik Tik Masala will be sure to please! Our aromatic, creamy chicken tikka masala topping includes red pepper, red chilli and spinach. Delicious!

Research also shows that older people like pizza toppings that include mushrooms and fresh tomatoes but are less likely to choose pepperoni, chicken or sweetcorn toppings. So again, our Great British Fry-Up ticks all the boxes for a great tasting choice. 

So there really is a pizza for everyone on our menu of 18 international flavours! Why not give our Plaistow team a call to get your pizza order in today!